About Adorable Doggytown

Adorable Doggytown is a pet services company founded in 2013 in the sector of Griffintown in Montreal. Dog and cat owners will be delighted by all of the services offered such as hotel, daycare, grooming, and gym. The dog hotel situated in a rural area rich in green spaces, where animals can play and exercise at a fixed and affordable fee, will quickly charm you and become the best holiday choice for your pets. With a point of service at the grooming salon located in the heart of downtown Montreal, where we find the daycare service and upscale grooming and exercise programs customized for dogs and cats, this hotel with large animal parks is made available to you without having to travel far.

About The Owner

Dominique Firetto, head of the company, has more than 20 years of training in this domain resulting from an interest in animals noticed at a very young age. With several trainings in grooming for beauty contests, and a multitude of dog training and animal welfare courses, Dominique has excelled in this field and has won numerous prestigious awards, alongside having appeared in newspaper articles and television programs. The physical and mental balance of animals being a priority, you will find everything your animal needs to optimize its life.